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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Full Moon Dating! Coy and Denver

Hey y'all

I have a new full moon dating book out. The first was Aiden and Ben, who were two werewolves meeting in Wyoming for a bit of a vacation.

The second, and new one, is Coy and Denver. Coy is a city wolf from Dallas. Denver is a reclusive vamp in the Colorado mountains. When Full Moon Dating gets them together, they both know they're mates, but they have a few problems to work through. Like that whole biting thing.

Here's the cover.

And here's a wee bit to get you tingling

"Stop fretting, Boss. These two are gonna turn each other down, anyway." Adelia sniffed, the sound perfectly encapsulating her feelings on Harve's techno-matches as opposed to her finding potential matches by gut feeling.

"Harve says they're dead on, honey."

"I didn't say shit, the program did, and I'm right." Harve wandered through, glasses perched on his head, a sheaf of print outs in his hand.

"Bullshit." Adelia pouted, which was adorable with that lipstick she wore. "That little wolf is going to fight back. He's not subby."

"Who's to say the other one isn't? We're not supposed to be oogling the files. The computer does it."

Stone looked at Harve. "Did you just say 'oogling'?"

"I did." Harve leered at him, one eyebrow gyrating madly.

"Wow. That's..." He didn't have the words. Harve was a nut.

"Well, I think there's more to matching people up than algorithms," Adelia said, shrugging one bare shoulder. She really needed more appropriate work clothes. Today it was an off the shoulder pinup girl sweater and a poodle skirt.

"Uh-huh. That's why you work for a computer dating service?"

"Nah, I work here for the pretty geek bosses and hot psychology computer dorks." Now it was Adelia's turn to leer. "If I could just get them to hook up..."

Stone frowned at her, trying to repress her overtalking tendency. The expression had no effect on her.

Harve muttered, heading out without responding to her.

Stone wasn't sure if that was good or bad. He was just gonna let it go for now, though. He had to get that paperwork on file.

"Call the vamp, Ades. Make sure he knows he faxes the papers or he doesn't get a bite."

"You got it. What time do they normally wake up?"

"Hell if I know." He had no idea about vampire sleeping habits. He'd never slept with one.

"Huh. Okay. I'll call and leave a message."

"Thanks, Ades." He grinned at her before wandering to Harve's office, just to see what the man was up to. Well, that and he liked to look at Harve's ass.

Harve was pacing, looking at goddess knew what, muttering under his breath.

"What's up, man?" He watched. Back and forth. Uhn. That ass.

"Hmm? Oh, a weird ghost in the code." Harve smelled good. Edible.

Stone licked his lips, wanting a piece of that so bad.

Harve's body tightened, cock filling as he stared. Oh, fuck. Surely it wasn't code making the man get a happy, right?

Harve went to sit, hide behind his desk, cheeks pink.

"You, uh, need any help with that... problem, you holler. Okay?" He needed to go back to his office. Now.

Harve's eyes were the hottest thing he'd ever seen. Stone thought he might just burst into flames.

"Boss? Vamp on line two."

Shit. Adelia's timing sucked.

"I'll be right there, Ades."

Damn it.

He and Harve exchanged a look, then a tiny smile curved Harve's lips. "Later, Bossman."


Much later. And more naked.

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Oh this looks tasty :D