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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Character development for Shandra

Shandra from the street team gave me a blog subject! (My Boys Touch is a yahoo group and facebook group. Ask me how!)

she says: I like to read about character development, where someone's characters come from, if they ever surprised them while they were writing, what they enjoy about them, or if they ever have those people in their head that won't go away.

Characters come from all over. People I see on the street, people I know, PBS documentaries about JFK. BA Tortuga and I spend a lot of time going, "What If?" In fact, that's spelled out on our office wall in rainbow wood letters. What if there was this guy who was a bear shifter who worked in a bar...

Characters always surprise me. I would never have said I would break up a popular couple and write the one part of the pair a whole new guy. Ever. In retrospect, it almost ruined my career before I started good. (Read the Thatchers series from Torquere. Really) But I had to do it. Ross Thatcher insisted I tell his story honestly. I got a four page email from someone who still trolls me online for that one, telling me I ruined her for life on my stories and she hated me and...

Ahem. At least I can blame it on a character.

What I really enjoy is how every character is different, how every one is looking for the same thing (love) and how who they are influences their persona onscreen. Bear shifter? I like them big and a little goofy and yet fierce. Wolf? Instincts, baby. Cowboys? Pride, and toughness and a tender inside.

Do I have people in my head who won't go away? God, yes. Deke and Kasey from the Bloodrose books, for instance. I haven't written them in maybe three years. They're still just as loud as they were when I write an Itch to Scratch, wanting to keep putting on a show.

What about y'all? And if you have a blog suggestion, put it here or email me at juliatalbot@gmail.com



1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

ooh it almost ruined your career?? But you're right, you have to follow the story, the characters, and stay true to them.

And I love what you said about all the different shifters - bears big, goofy, wolves - instincts. I love it :D