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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my 666 followers on Twitter flash fic (m/m)

“Is this what you call the mark of the beast?” Jaydon asked, staring at the lurid hickey on his neck.

“No. I call that a love bite.” Daelon stepped up behind him, and it made him moan a little. Not just because Daelon’s cock was pressing against his ass, but because he could only see Dae’s true form In the mirror. The little horns peeking out from the curly mop of hair, the tail that waved in the air, they were graphic reminders that his lover was far from human. “The mark of the beast would burn you a bit too much.”

“No burning. That smell ruins the mood.” He’d had no idea when he conjured Dae up that the crazy demon would hang around. He leaned back against that wide chest, humming at the heat between them. He grunted when Dae grabbed his cock.

“This is burning up, though. I can help with that.”

Jay nodded, meeting those pretty green demon eyes in the mirror. “I think you can.”

“I promise not to singe even a little.”

Jaydon chuckled. The hickey would be way harder to explain, but he’d take what he could get.

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Katherine Halle said...

OH fun and sexy :D And YAY for 666 followers ;p