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Friday, August 09, 2013

Coming next week

from Changeling Press

Hunted: Mixed Breeds 3

Here's the info!

Chase has been charged with the task of finding the hunters plaguing his pack's territory. Unrest among shifters in the area is causing no end of trouble. So Chase hooks up with slinky PI Shanna to figure out what's going on.

Damon has fallen in with the hunters for reasons he'd rather not share, especially with a pair of shifters. So when Shanna and Chase capture him, Damon knows he has to be very careful, even if these two are all he's ever wanted. Can he convince them to let him go so he can do his job, or will he stay with them of his own free will?

Here's a yummy bit:

“You’re not one of us.” Shanna’s voice was pure growl, and so was

Chase’s when he answered her.

“He’s not one of them, either, though. No. He’s something else.” Chase tilted his head. “I don’t know what.”

She looked at him, lips twisting. “So, what are you? And don’t lie.”

He stared at her, trying for deadpan. “US government property.”

“What do they want with us?” He blew out a deep breath. Now he was in deep, but they knew something was off about him. Might as well see if the truth worked. “We don’t want you. We want the hunters.”

“Honey…” Shanna looked at him, head tilted. “I hate to be the one to break the news, but you were running with them. The hunters. The ones with the big guns.”

Damon rolled his eyes. “Look, do you get pizza delivery up here? I’ll buy, we’ll talk. It’ll be great.”

“God, I wish.” For the first time, she was a real girl, someone human, rolling her eyes and licking her lips.

“Seriously?” The Chase guy was grinning, though. “Well, if we’re gonna eat with this guy, tell me you have the stuff to make waffles. Since we can’t have pizza or pho.”

This? Was surreal. Bizarre. Entertaining as hell.

“We have to keep him tied up. Do you cook waffles?” Shanna asked.

“I do. With bacon. If you have bacon.”

Damon snorted. “I like bacon.”

“Everyone likes bacon.” She looked between them, unsure.

“Fuck it,” Chase said. “This has been the weirdest night ever. We can tie him to the chair. Come on.”

Well, being dragged into the house was better than in the barn about to be gnawed on. He might even get a waffle out of it.

Available a week from today at www.changelingpress.com

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