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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben

dude, this book from Torquere is at number 15 on the ARE Bestseller list today.


Here's a wee bit to get you going.

"Cool. It's a drive to where I live, so we could stay at the cabin here tonight. Save you that hotel room."

If he said yes, was he agreeing to sex? Did he want to agree to... Oh, who was he kidding? He loved having sex, and it had been a while. "Sounds like a plan."

"Good deal. Oh, look at those." The nachos came, piled high with chips and cheese.

Those were not Texas nachos. Not at all. "Whoa." He was used to something more... organized. A quarter of a tortilla with cheese and a jalapeno on it. Seriously. This was like Jenga.

"The trick is to put some on your little plate." Ben used a fork and scooped a bunch of chips and goo onto the little appetizer plate.

"Thanks." He got himself a scoopful, the scent of the beef so yummy. His mouth watered a little, reminding him that the lunch on the plane had been bird food.

He tried not to pounce on the food, to be slow and careful. Sure.


Very human.

He glanced up, though, and Ben's eyes flashed at him, that animal shine right there.

He dropped his fork, the silverware clattering on the table.

"You need to eat, honey," Ben said, the low growl marching up Aiden's spine.

"Sorry. Sorry, I just... I was... Yeah." Eating. Right. He stuffed a chip in his mouth before he said anything stupid.

"No worries. I just want to make sure you have plenty of energy."


A surge of lust shot down his spine. The hair prickled on the back of his neck.

He got a beefy bite, and his focus moved to the food. Yum. Cheesy goodness. He needed to focus on things he could have. Like a good meal.

The sour cream wet his fingertips, and he licked them clean, sucked the sour off.

"Yum." Okay, the man was staring again.

"They're good. I love Mexican food."

"No, I mean you. That was hot as all fuck, you licking your fingers."

This time the flush climbed up from his belly, all the way up his neck. He was going to go up in flames. Really, this wasn't flirting. This was being hunted. He just wished his cock and his brain were on the same page, because his prick was more than willing to be prey.

The steaks broke the stare-down, and Aiden actually moaned. Oh, beautiful slab of meat. How long had it been since he'd had such a beautiful rare steak?

His wolf surged to the fore, and he shoved it down. No. No fuzz.

"Just breathe a minute, honey." Ben touched him, fingers on his wrist. "This is what happens when you bottle the wolf up too much, huh? We should run tonight."

"Without the moon? You're not worried you'll get stuck?"

"Nope." Those fingers stayed right there on his skin, burning away.

"No?" The steak smelled like blood, like butter and pepper and meat.

Ben smelled better.

You can find it here!

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Can we make the top ten?



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