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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Once upon a time, there was a very smart rooster named Rodney. He was a lab chicken, genetically enhanced so that his scientist creator, Dr. Bob, would have someone with whom he could play chess and discuss viral particle physics.

Rodney was a happy rooster. He had all the corn he cold peck, but he also had intellectual stimulation, a fine human companion, and occasional electroshock therapy, just for thrills. Dr. Bob had created a tiny pair of electrodes, just for that purpose.

One cold, blustery October day, however, Dr. Bob got a shipment of alpacas in from South America. Apparently, the alpacas, usually very docile animals of much yarn, were all suffering from a terrible virus, one that produced unusual amounts of rage and spittle.

Rodney observed the alpacas with Dr. Bob for days, scratching out notes on a tablet with his beak.

Notes: Subjects spit, bite, and smell like ass. ~R~

Nearly a fortnight after the alpaca arrival, Bob began to exhibit strange symptoms. Worried for his human friend, Rodney ordered pizza online, and managed to pry open a bottle of wine. They would share a meal, and he would find out what was wrong with his human.

Bob sat with him, breaking crust, but the wine seemed to be some sort of catalyst, driving Bob mad. The man picked up the bottle and tried to bash in Rodney's chicken skull.

Rodney ran, but not before Bob broke the bottle and shanked him just like a prison bitch. Squawking, Rodney ran, for the blood seemed to enrage the alpacas, too, who broke free of their cages and started eating the computer equipment.

Rodney hid, bleeding and terrified, pretty sure one of his eyes had fallen out. When the lab quieted down, he was certain the alpacas had eaten one another, so he stuck his head out from under the full spectrum laser stand, determined to escape this horror alive.

A terrible laugh split the stillness, and the animated corpse of his dear human friend reached for him, flesh hanging off the skeletal fingers.

Rodney flapped his wings and ran right at Bob, determined to put his friend out of the misery of being undead.

Unfortunately for Rodney, it was a trap. The alpacas appeared from the deep freeze, ice crystals bunched in their fur, and descended on him, tearing Rodney apart.

His pieces would never be mended again, but when they began to move independently from one another, even the alpacas ran...

Poultrygeist had begun...

The End

Happy Halloween


Julia Talbot


Moma Sue said...

EEEE I love it Great Job!! Poor Rodney but what a wonderful Halloween story ;)

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