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Friday, October 26, 2012

Poultrygeist and other titles

I was asking on Twitter last night for people to tell me NOT to write a book titled Poultrygeist.

No one has been trying to discourage me. No, indeed. In fact, people have been encouraging zombie chickens. You just wait until Halloween, y'all.

Hell, I wrote a charity Sip for NOH8 this year titled Dead Cow Pants.

Can I just mention here how hard it is to find royalty free pics of men in leather pants? It's either leiderhosen or chaps. You can tell which one I find sexier.

In the meantime, ponder zombie chickens. I promise, Poultrygeist is coming...





BA Tortuga said...

You are a sick broad. I do adore you.

Katherine Halle said...

Zombie chickens...and chaps :D I love it LOL

Moma Sue said...

Are the zombie chickens gonna be in chaps? That would be something to see lol