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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Excerpt from The Amethyst Eye

Hey y'all!

Just a little post to give y'all a taste of The Amethyst Eye if you haven't bought it already.


It's about blind psychic Jared and his new admirer Dante, who's pretty special himself...


     "I… Yeah. I think we're doing well." Jared smiled, licking his lower lip, which felt swollen. "What's next?"
     "I think we should get more comfortable. Do you object to me being in your bedroom?
     "It would be silly of me to object, don't you think?" Now was not the time to get squeamish. He did wonder, as he took Dante's hand and pulled the man through his living room to the hall, what Dante thought of his apartment. Did it seem sterile? Austere? Was it odd, like Jack had always said it was, having very little visual stimulation?
     "Am I giving you too much time to think?"
     "Maybe." Jared shrugged. "I always wonder what people think of my place."
     "It has texture." Dante stopped them just inside his bedroom door, hands coming to rest on Jared's shoulder. "That makes sense. Why surround yourself with things you can't see when you can use your other senses? I like it very much."
     "Good." Somehow that was a good thing, that Dante approved. His granny would laugh at him, telling him he was the only one who had to like where he lived, but he wanted to please this man.
     "May I undress you, Jared?"
     "Only if I get to do the same to you, after. I want to touch you. To get a sense of you."
     "I certainly won't argue with that." Dante tugged Jared's T-shirt up and off, then undid Jared's jeans, pushing them down toward the floor. With a few more efficient motions he had Jared stripped of shoes and underwear, standing naked in the cool room.
     Jared felt like he must glow.
     "Beautiful." Dante touched him, fingers sliding from his shoulder down across Jared's chest, flicking at one nipple before pushing down over his belly to rub the tip of his cock.
     Jared shuddered, his balls drawing up a bit, his nipples hard and aching, just like his cock. When Dante reached for the amethyst eye, though, Jared caught his hand.
     "Please. I'd rather leave it on."


hope you take a chance on it!


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