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Friday, February 25, 2011

Had to run errands - NWS snippet

lots and lots, but I'm here now!

So, today I have a new release at Changeling Press. It's called Cirque Caprice: Tarot, and it's a m/m hot and heavy... Want a peek?

NWS snippet!

Victor thought that Jake smelled like heaven. He rubbed the come into Jake’s skin, smiling a little. “Don’t be embarrassed, man. That was smokin’ hot.”
“Yeah? I think you’ll be just as hot in a minute.” Jake flipped him like a pancake, sending Victor tumbling to the mattress on his back. Thank God the manky bedspread was gone. Hotel rooms could be so déclassé. That was his last flippant thought, though, because Jake slid down between his legs and sucked at the tip of his cock, and he went from snarky to ready to blow in no time at all.
He watched Jake take him in, watched those kiss-bruised lips close around his cock, and his toes curled. It had been so long. So long since anyone had touched him, and never had anyone ever touched him the way Jake did. It made his breath threaten to stop, made all the careful order he usually kept in his head spill out. Before he knew it he was babbling. “Jake. Jake. Fuck.” Jake, Jake, Jake.
Jake sucked like a Hoover, licking on each push down. That mouth was hot as fire, and when Jake swallowed, Victor thought he might just pass out. Instead, he came, hard, not even giving Jake a bit of warning. His fingers curled in Jake’s hair, and he shook, his hips rising up off the bed.
Jake grinned up at him, chin propped on his left hipbone. “Don’t be embarrassed.”
“Why should I be?” Victor unclenched his fingers from Jake’s hair and stroked the kinks he’d put in it out. “You suck like a demented incubus.”
“Nah. That doesn’t run in the family.” Jake winked. “I think.”

find it here!


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ohhhhhh nice! I like.