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Saturday, March 13, 2010

new book from Changeling Press

Hey y'all!

I have a new book out from Changeling Press! It's the sequel to Wolf 101, and it's called Mystic U: Midterms

Danny, Lee and Heather are back, and not everyone is thrilled about their relationship at Mystic U and in the small town of Wolf Creek...

here's a link :


and here's an excerpt -- not really work safe :D


They pulled up at the little frame house that sat on the edge of town, fields of snow-tinged green out there. Spring was really getting on them. It was kind of glorious, what with the mountains still covered in white and all. Maybe he was turning into something of a country boy after all. Or at least a nature lover coexisting with a city boy.
Lee led the way, and the door was unlocked, just like always. No one locked their door in Wolf Creek. Well, until they got inside. Then Lee locked the door and pulled the laundry basket out of Danny’s arms, tossing it to the floor.
“Hold on, babe. If I don’t start the laundry now it will never get done tonight.” Danny put a hand on Lee’s chest, holding the big guy off.
“You can wait five minutes. That’s all it will take for our first orgasm.” Lee brushed his hand aside, pulling Danny up against his chest and kissing him hard.
Oh. Maybe Lee was right. His cock went hard in a heartbeat, just pushing against the fly of his jeans. Damn. Lee could kiss. Toothy, hard enough to press Danny’s lips against his teeth, the kiss made him moan and start to hump, his hips grinding against Lee’s.
An answering hardness met his, Lee hot and ready, even through their clothes. The clothes started to come off seconds after that, Lee’s big hands easing off his shirt, then opening his jeans. “You’re damned good at that, babe.”
“Uh-huh.” Lee grinned at him, eyes twinkling. “You know what you’re best at?”
“Sucking?” Shit, he didn’t need Lee to tell him that. It seemed impossible that he’d given his first blowjob last semester. He’d learned to love it since then, to love the taste and feel of Lee between his lips, on his tongue.
“Bingo. Wanna?” Stroking Danny’s lower lip, Lee raised one brow, waiting.
“Hell, yes.” Danny sank to his knees, knowing it wouldn’t take long for both of them to come this way. He opened Lee’s jeans and pulled that amazing, thick cock out, licking his lips.
Moaning a little, Lee pulled him forward, pressing the head against his lips. Danny opened up and took him in, sucking at the loose skin just underneath, then pressing his tongue to the slit.
Fuck, yes. The first taste made Danny’s hips rock, his cock pushing up toward the hand he moved down to meet it. It all came together in the most amazing circle of pleasure, his mouth, Lee’s cock. His hand, his cock. Perfect

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