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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So tired of defending romance

Also, a short history of M/M romance.

People have been writing slash fiction for decades. Spock and Kirk, anyone? In 2000 a group of authors who decided to stop writing fanfic and write original slash formed a following on Livejournal. In 2003, Torquere Press opened its doors. By 2005 Loose Id was accepting m/m and so was Changeling Press. In 2007 the amazing Dreamspinner Press came along and taught us old timers how to change with the times. Many others have come and gone or come and stayed, but one thing is sure. I love romance, and I'm sick to death of having to defend it. I also have lots of feels about publishing, having run a company for 12 years before I screwed up and sold to a thief, but I'll leave those alone for now.

Romance. Alive and well. Just sayin'.



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