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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New release exclusive excerpt!

Hey y'all!

Packmate for Hire is out! It's the second Alpha Tales book, but it can stand alone, as well.

Evil Plot Bunny is here. That's a collective bookstore from some of us authors if you prefer to buy direct.

Brendan Gray has no idea why he stopped in at a tiny Colorado mountain town to have lunch. He's supposed to be in Wyoming, tracking wolves. The place called to him, though, and he figures out why when he realizes his old pack mate, Rand, is now an Alpha in the cutest little wolf pack ever. Then he meets Shon, who's also just passing through, and decides he might need to stay for a bit. especially since Rand seems willing to pay him to be a pack guardian.

Shon has a history of making bad decisions and is on the run from his most recent one when he meets Brendan. They're smoking hot together, but Shon wants to go slowly so they can get to know each other. He decides to hang around in Nowheresville for a while. and he hopes Brendan is staying for his benefit. Trouble follows Shon everywhere, though, and between that and Brendan's uncertainty about their relationship, they might just lose each other before they know what they have.

Leona says you’re in cabin 3. Be there at 2 to take you to lunch

Shon grinned at his phone. True to his word, Brendan had only texted last night and this morning. Last night he’d gotten a picture or two, nothing raunchy, and today he’d received, “Let’s do lunch.”

He’d sent back, “You buying?”

The notice of when he was being picked up was Brendan’s response, and Shon sniffed his pits. He had forty-five minutes to shower, and he needed it. Whoo.

Shon hopped in the shower, scrubbing up with the soap the owner had left. Very sage and sandalwood. He had to admit, the cabins were spotless, and the linens were soft. He would hang out here for a good bit if he needed to.

What a difference a day made. Yesterday, he’d found it impossible to be upbeat about anything. Today, Shon was ready to flirt. Maybe have a one or two-night stand. It could never be more than that, but Brendan was hot as hell and clearly into him, so why not play?

He dressed in jeans and white button-down shirt, a look he knew went well with his dark hair and warm skin tone. God, he was so queer.

Once he was ready, he texted Brendan. You can show up before 2 if you want

On my way

Now, that was gratifying. He would definitely be teasing. And inviting. And maybe giving out some. Maybe not. He had standards. Well, he did now, after his last break up, which was causing no end of grief. Okay, maybe he would pump the brakes a few times.

The knock on the door came maybe five minutes later, at fifteen minutes to two. Nice.

He opened the door, Brendan stepping through quickly.

“Here.” Brendan thrust a bouquet at him.

“I like carnations. Thank you.” He really did like them, with their cute, crinkly selves. They made him smile.

“Wooing, chapter one. Flowers. Check.”

“So romantic.” Shon found a big glass in the cupboard to put water and the flowers in.

“Hey, I’m a werewolf. I get most of my romance in bars at the end of the night.”

“Ew.” He winked back over one shoulder.

“I’m pickier than that.” Brendan was laughing, clearly not at all offended.

“Well, that’s good to know, since you practically jumped me in the restaurant.”

“Nah.” Brendan was pushing up behind him before he could even blink, hips against his ass, reaching around with one hand to press at his zipper placket. “This is all over you. That was nothing.”

“Oh.” He arched his back, his toes curling up. Brakes. Pumping. “That’s not allowed yet.”

“Bummer.” Brendan nipped at his neck, but then backed off. “Well, I don’t want to cross you on your rules.”

“Uh-huh. Just leave me with a hard on.”

“I can fix that.” One dark eyebrow rose. “But you keep telling me no.”


I hope you'll give it a look!

The first book, Alpha in Sheep's Clothing, is .99 right now!



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