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Thursday, March 23, 2017

WIP day! Snippet from Dragon Mesa 1

Hey y'all!

I'm writing Dragons again! I should be done. I'm not. However, I'm close.

Here's a snipped from Dragon Mesa 1, Kept.

A flash of light caught his eye, and that interloper was watching him, at least it seemed like it.

Damn it. He pressed back into the lee of a fissure in the rock, turning his back enough to protect Chaya.


Kaya, stay down!


Why? Why did Kaya have to show up now? Unlike her sister Chaya, she wasn’t bonded to Bard, and therefore didn’t always listen to him.

Sister? Sister? Kaya came swooping through the air, spinning headlong down the arroyo. Sister, is that you?

Kaya! Be good. Good. No sparkly man!

He heard her pull up, but it was too late, she crashed into the man down there, hitting him hard enough to send them both winding.

Shit. Fuck a doodle doo. Bard wasn’t sure what the hell to do, but Kaya was his Chaya’s twin. He couldn’t just leave her to be caught.

So he ran.



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