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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Release Day! Two Cowboys and a Baby by BA Tortuga

"Country don't mean dumb."

This is my favorite line from the Stand, wherein Mainer Stephen King takes up for country folks all over who might talk slower or come to things from an angle that city folks don't think of.

That's what happens in Two Cowboys and a Baby by my amazing and talented wife, BA Tortuga.

Hoss McMasters finds a baby on his doorstep. What ensues is a tropetastic romp from a Deep east Texas perspective. Hoss is a cowboy's cowboy, just like the guys I grew up with, and I adore him. Bradley is a redneck boy who will do anything for a job, and he makes me laugh. These two are stubborn, clueless and amazing.

It's here on Dreamspinner

And here on Amazon!

Read without prejudice! These boys are country, but they're a wonderful ride!



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