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Friday, August 14, 2015

BA Tortuga and her Cheerios

Some 7-8 years ago now, my wife BA was diagnosed with a severe allergy to wheat and gluten. Not only does it cause internal bleeding and skin issues, it causes terrible nerve pain.

As you can imagine, she immediately went Gluten Free. I did at home, as well, only splurging when we ate out. The other party we lived with at the time, well, no. But that was the story of our time together and that's why that person is gone. (Huge, happy grin)

Now I;m fully gluten free as well, as nerve pain and eczema are not my friends.

This means no Shredded Wheat. No wheat anything. We gave up a lot. One of those things, thanks to possible cross contamination was Cheerios.

I am fond, but mostly indifferent.

BA missed them SO BAD.

6 months ago a gluten free blog told us Cheerios were going the way of Chex and going GF. BA has been bouncing and checking the cereal aisle every week since.

Well, today, guess what.

This is a happy day




Moma Sue said...

When she was a wee one she loved Cheerios and loved them growing up. I'm so glad she can have her o's again ;)

Katherine Halle said...

OH my goodness!! Are all Cheerios gluten free or just the original ones? Because I LOVE Honey Nut Cheerios /o\


Julia said...

All the ones I like are. But some of the more bizarre ones aren't, like the protein and whole grain. Honey nut are.