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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Author stuff

Hey y'all!

Been trying to leave the information posts up because none of the authors I talk to have been paid. But I also know I need to not let the you know whats get me down. I'm still a writer, and I still have stories to tell and readers to make happy (I Hope!)

July 1 I have a story I hope will make my long time readers happy. I have a novella called Out of the Frying Pan coming out from All Romance Ebooks. It's on preorder now. Find it here!

Isn't that amazing?

I also have a few re-releases to announce! Cereus: Opening is back out, as is my novel Perfect, and my Thatcher Brothers series, Jumping, Landing and Taking.

All Romance Ebooks has all my titles

They're also on Amazon and B&N etc



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