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Monday, May 11, 2015

Writers are all potential readers, don't forget

I recently saw an example, on a closed author loop, of an Author Behaving Badly/ I usually take rants with a grain of salt. We all need a safe place to vent. However, this author went far beyond that, and thus assured that the first time I ever heard of them will be the last time I want to. That's okay, this author says I'm not their market. I'm another author.

*crickets chirping*

Okay, here's where I get real and expose my fierce reader side. I buy upward of 15 books a week. Some on Bookbub, sure, but I also go through the ARE newsletter, the new products on my fav publishers, and Twitter and Facebooks. Some 75% of what I buy is romance, and half of that or more is GLBTQ of some sort.

This person had just assured that I will never buy one of their books, nor will I rec them, which I am wont to do with my fellow GLBTQ authors even if their stuff isn't my cup of tea. That's a lot of potential sales to lose because you can't behave on an author loop...

Writers are some of the most prolific readers I know. Don't tell me we're not important in the marketing process, and you'd absolutely better not tell me I am less of a human being because I don't have a certain appendage...




Katherine Halle said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. I saw your tweets & thought abt dm'ing you but honestly, I couldn't figure out how to do it on my phone /o\ and I wasn't on my Mac all weekend.

I don't think I buy quite as many books as you, but the breakdown is about the same in terms of genre.

And also? This is not the first time that particular loop has gotten...troublesome. It's definitely one of the reasons I mostly lurk. I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing & someone will get offended, so I just keep quiet.

Julia said...

Nods. I know there's a certain amount of hands off by mgmt but dude. This is creating huge divisiveness and I wouldn't touch 2 of those folks' books with a 10 foot pole