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Monday, May 25, 2015

RT 2015

Took me awhile to process RT in Dallas. So much happened that was good, and I had to live with it a bit.

We arrived late on Wednesday night, so we missed the party that evening. All we managed to do was have room service and collapse.

Thursday we were up bright and early to have brekkie, beating the crowd so I could then go be at the Samhain No Wating Dating, an author speed dating event. The fans were so cool! Most of them had never heard of me, though a few came to see just me, but everyone was super positive about my upcoming book, Book of Love.

BA's daddy came in for supper Thursday night, and had a ball watching all the corseted ladies go back and forth to the Steampunk party. He's recovered so much better than the doctors expected, y'all. We also hit the All Romance Ebooks cocktail party, which was a blast.

Friday we ended up booked solid, with club RT in the morning, then the Dreamspinner LGBTQ Apples to Apples game. OMG y'all, that was a hoot, and DSP has the most amazing authors and readers and staff. < BA's mom came in on Friday, and we got to spend time with her and go to some big old parties. We hung out with Andrew Grey and Amy Lane and Laura Harner and so many other amazing peeps.

Saturday we set up for the book signing, and that was crazy! Busy as anything. I loved every moment.

Finally, we worked the Fantastic Day party hosted by Dreamspinner. Gave away tons of books and swag and just worked the room like pros. Boom. Damon Suede MCd, and that made me laugh like a loon.

Once the weekend was over, we spent the next week with Daddy BA and Andrew Grey before AAA in Austin, which is a whole new post. So much fun, y'all! As soon as I get pics downloaded, I'll post!


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Katherine Halle said...

Wow, it sounds like you had SO MUCH FUN! And got to meet some really cool people. I have envy <33333 I'm happy to hear you had such a good time.