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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Six Random Facts Sunday

idea stolen from Sean Michael via BA Tortuga.

1. My favorite movie is the Mummy, but I think the best movie I've ever seen is Gladiator. It's clever, beautiful, and mostly well-acted. 2. I was a clown for a while back in my early twenties. I'm sorry.

3. I always wanted to have a name that lent itself to a nickname. My real name? It doesn't. But I did have a nickname my mom used. It's a cartoon character from the 70s.

4. I love western art. I went to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKla City when I was 7, and fell in love with Remington. I collect Jack Wells, who began the PRCA Art Association.

5. I love country music, but I also adore 90s alternative. Eve 6, Matchbox 20, Green Day,

My favorite food is spaghetti and meat sauce a la my mom with salad and garlic toast.



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