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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chino's story!

Well, the beginning of it. Since I started the Elemental Ops series, people have been asking when I was going to do Chino's story. Well, it's here! Yay! I started a new series in fact, because loner Chino needed his own base of operations, his own lover.

So I give you Desert Dragons book 1, Turquoise Trail.

Y'all I am so tickled with the new dragons. There are 6 sets so far, all wee feathered serpents. Chino meets Oliver after his Elemental Ops team sends him off to the desert in search of a new clutch of dragons. Can he save Oliver from the elements, and protect his new lover and his dragons from outsiders?

Buy it here!

I'll holler when it's up on ARE and Amazon, too.




Katherine Halle said...

CONGRATS :D YAY dragons!!

Julia said...

thanks hon!