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Friday, March 20, 2015

Dr Who on a wet, blustery day

I love the library episodes.

Love Forest of the Dead, especially. River Song makes me happy. Sppoooilers.

I also love how these episodes show us that the Doctor has a lot he can still learn. I love that, when a character grows, when he proves he has to face that he doesn't have all the answers and might need help.

Then there's the finger snap.

And 10 isn't even mt favorite Doctor




Katherine Halle said...

River Song - I adore her! GAH there's SO MUCH abt Doctor Who I adore...but alas, Ten is my fav Doctor but now I have to know which one is yours :D And Clara has grown on me quite a bit. I love how she calls the Doctor on his S**T and never lets him get away with anything.

Julia said...

nine is my fav, although Capaldi is growing on me