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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Alone gives me too much time to think

My girl had to go to Texas to see her daddy. I've been sitting on the couch with the dogs watching Tiny House Nation, and I keep thinking...

Am I the only person on earth who has no desire to "entertain" in my home?

I mean, all of these people are going on about "I just can't see me entertaining here", and I'm like, O.o.

Sure, when the holidays rolled around in Texas, we built buffets, and they did come. But that was still about pulling a TV tray up to the couch. The most leaves we've ever managed to put in the table is one, no matter the size of the dining room.

We'd have folks over in the 1400 square foot house or the 900 Sq ft condo. They'd sit on the couch or the floor and watch football or movies or whatever. I think that qualifies as more of hanging out than entertaining.

So, does anyone really do that thing they mean on HGTV? I'm not judging. I'm just curious.




Moma Sue said...

I never wanted to "entertain" like you I had people come over but that's about it. I would say you are normal and the tv people are strange ;)

Katherine Halle said...

NO you are not the only person. It is EXHAUSTING to have people over and I'm usually so relieved when everyone leaves and goes home. IDEK what that makes me...not an entertainer I guess LOL