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Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback Friday: An Itch to Scratch

Been wanting to feature some of my older titles for a bit, so here's An Itch to Scratch. Chronologically, it's the first Bloodrose book, and it was the second I wrote. It has a great new cover! Look!

So here's all the pertinents.

Deke has a terrible itch to scratch. He's a werewolf looking for a safe place to get his addiction on; Deke loves to feed vampires. When he finds himself at Bloodrose, an exclusive club that caters to supernatural creatures, Deke thinks he might be at the right place, somewhere he can find a kindred spirit.

Kasey is the vampire who ends up sponsoring Deke at Bloodrose, knowing that he has to have Deke for his own. The heat between them is immediate, but it's sharing the small details of their lives that makes Kasey and Deke think they might have something special together. Can they find a way to scratch Deke's itch?

K.C. Arlington generally had no problem with impulse control.

He only had a membership at Bloodrose because that was what one did. In this day and age, procuring your own meal as a vampire was déclassé, and not a little dangerous. A carefully selected group of feeders was a better idea, and at least at Bloodrose many of those feeders were as dangerous as he was.

There was also the whole issue of work. A private detective, Kasey had to work all night sometimes, and the club provided a safe place to bring a nice meal for a day of play.

Really, though, he could take or leave most of the offerings that came up in Bloodrose’s monthly catalogs. The hired help was good enough for him; he didn’t need an exclusive contract with anyone.

Which was why he couldn’t really understand his urge to attend Jonny’s latest auction.

Maybe it was more like a compulsion.

It wasn’t like the ad was all that enticing. The picture was grainy and poorly lit, looking like something from one of those little photo booths at the shopping centers that mortals loved so. Shaggy hair and a square jaw dominated the black and white, and the eyes seemed to glow like they were more canine than human, with the shine of a nocturnal animal.

The description no more suited Kasey’s taste than the photo. “Werewolf with itch to scratch seeks hungry vampire.”

Who in the world came up with this shit?

Still, his fingers did the walking, and he found himself dialing Jonny’s number on his cell, intent on asking a few idle questions. Merely for the sake of curiosity, of course.


Kasey had dialed Jonny’s private number; no personal assistant for him. “Jonny. K.C. Arlington.”

“Kasey! What a pleasant surprise. You haven’t been in for weeks.”

“I’ve been on a rather labor intensive case.” He liked Jonny, and thought perhaps he should make a date to play chess, rather than wasting his time on a stray wolf.

“Well, then, all the more reason to rest and relax. When are you coming in?”

“Actually, I was thinking of attending the auction.” Damn it, that had slipped out entirely against his will. Where was his self-control?

“Ah.” There was a wealth of satisfaction in that single word. “I thought you might see something you liked.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t go that far…”

“Come on, Kasey. I sent that catalog to only a very few select members. You were one of them for a reason.”

“Are you trying to tell me I need to settle down?” The very idea made him restless, sending him to the great plate glass window that filled one end of his apartment. He did love to stare out, watching the night pass out in the city.

“Not if you’ve no desire to. However, I know that you like your donors hot, willing, and easily healed. Deacon is definitely worth your while.”

Something in Jonny’s tone piqued his interest, just like a really good lead in to a new case would get his juices flowing. “Have you had him?”

“Only at his initial test. This one is special, Kasey.”

“Hmm.” He scratched at the window with one finger, watching the little smears his touch created. “Why not keep him for yourself, then?”

“Because he’s not mine to keep. Oh, I would play with him, no doubt. But keeping him would be wrong. We’re not suited.”

“Matchmaker, matchmaker,” Kasey sang. “Make me a match.”

“Sometimes it really is obvious that you were queer even before you died. Will I see you at the auction?”

The decision came to him without any thought at all, and Kasey sighed. “Yes. Yes, I will see you there, Jonny.”

“Excellent. Friday at sundown. Don’t be late, Kasey. The bidding on this one will be intense.”

“I’m sure it will amuse me to no end to watch.” As if he would bid on a full-time werewolf.

He was having a few issues with impulse control, but he wasn’t stupid.

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