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Monday, February 09, 2015

Apparitions- New From Changeling Press

Now out from Changeling Press!

I took a wee break in the dragon series, and I hope y'all love these boys! They were such fun to write.

Sean has no desire to find love again, not after a terrifying stalker incident ends with his lover, Thom, dead and haunting him as a ghost. Thom thinks Sean needs to start over, though, and places an ad for Sean to find a roommate.

What Sean gets is werewolf Elan, whose pack has sent him off to learn to live in the modern world. Thom doesn't scare Elan, and neither does the threat of a stalker. Sean can't help but admire Elan's brave nature and hot, fuzzy body. One taste of Elan's blood, and vampire Sean falls hard, but can they deal with an insane vampire and a jealous ghost, on top of being as different from each other as night and day?

Buy it here since it's on sale right now! Coming in a few weeks to ARE and Amazon.

And here's a wee bit to get you going!

“Hey, are you going out?”

Elan paused, glancing at Sean. “Well, I was gonna go jog since I slept the day away.” He raised a brow. “You need anything?”

“I was going to ask if you’d let me buy you supper.”

Now both of Elan’s eyebrows went up. “No shit? You can’t eat food, can you?” “Not a lot of it, no, but I feel as if I need to get to know you. I do like a nibble of a good pizza crust. There’s a place that does a lovely Neapolitan. They deliver.”

Huh. Elan studied Sean until the guy shifted from foot to foot. He didn’t know vamps got nerves. “Sure. I mean, if it’s not gonna be weird.”

“Not a bit. Eating is sensual. I enjoy watching.”

Now it was Elan’s turn to feel a flight of butterfly nerves in his belly, his cheeks flushing. “You like to watch?”

Sean snorted. “I prefer to act, but food is something I do miss.” “Gotcha.”

“What do you like on your pizza?” Sean asked. “Meat. The all meat.”

“Ah. This particular place has one called Noah’s Ark.”

Elan hooted, slapping his leg. “That’s hilarious. A large too much? That way I could have leftovers tomorrow.” Truth be told, he was starving. He hadn’t hunted much since he’d stopped sleeping in his truck, and he could only eat so much peanut butter. Sean couldn’t have picked a better time to ask.

“Not too much at all. Then I can have a crust without feeling guilty.”

“I’m good with that. You need me to call?” Elan thought he should do something, at least.

“No, I can order online.”

Yeah, Elan had noticed Sean was cyber-capable. “You have a nice setup, computer-wise.”

“I like to stay in touch with the outside world.”

“Me too.” Of course, Elan just went out of the house to do that.

“You can roll your eyes at me if you like.” Sean gave him a gentle smile. “I have my reasons, and sunshine is difficult.”

“Not impossible?” He really didn’t know a lot about vamp physiology. “Not if I cover up. Prolonged exposure might be fatal.”

“Ouch.” Had he rolled his eyes? Elan wasn’t sure. “Online ordering rocks. I do not mock.”

“I’ll be right back. There’s a bottle of red wine on the counter. Do you mind opening?” Sean moved to the computer, clicking and tapping.

Elan checked out the wine. Fancy. He’d bet it was a sixty-dollar bottle, at least. Elan wasn’t sure he’d ever had wine not out of a box. Hell, his wolf thought the shit was poisonous, thanks to the whole grape thing. Good thing his human side could stuff his wolf in a box to eat grapes, chocolate, all that stuff.

Pizza. A minefield of nightshades for your average lupine, but for his human self it was nirvana. His mouth watered, and Elan distracted himself with figuring out the corkscrew. He didn’t need to be drooling when Sean came back.

“There. All ordered.” Sean made him jump, sneaking up on him like that. Most people couldn’t, his hearing being that much better than a normal human’s.

“Cool. Wine. Do you have, uh, stuff to mix in?” “I do. I won’t ask you to donate, I promise.”

“Oh, if you really needed me to, I probably would. I mean, you’re not desperate.” He was babbling, so he cut himself off and poured a glass of wine. “You mind if I have one, too?”




Katherine Halle said...

Ooh YAY :D And lovely excerpt :D

Julia said...

Thank you!