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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Who is Minerva Howe?

She's me. Julia. No worries about that.

She's a bit harder edged when it comes to the sex. A bit less spanky and light, more whips and chains.

Minerva is my way of giving my readers a choice. If you see a Minerva release, it will have some serious sexy in it, with toys, bondage, that kind of thing. I've been asked more than once to let people know when a story of mine would go that way, and this is my chance!

Minerva was my gran's middle name. Howe was my wife's dad's mom's maiden name. Both of these ladies were pioneers, rebels, feminists, if you will. My gran was a flapper, she had erotica and vibrators in her house when she died at age 90. BA's gran was a slacks-wearing, fearless broad. I couldn't pick a better name for my sexier stuff.

Tomorrow is my first Minerva release from Resplendence Press. It's a m/m paranormal with a vampire and his chosen werewolf guardian. I'll post more tomorrow!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia. The story behind your new name is cool. As for your new name’s books… Mostly, I am uninterested in or averse to the extreme-sex stuff. I’m on the opposite end of the scale; I like soft, light, happy.
I do like tentacles, aliens, bigfoot, impregnation, stuff like that. But only if they are consensual and happy. I like weird, not dark. Do you ever write stuff like this?
I’ve been reading your books for about six years, and I’m a fan of about half the Julia Talbot books. The historicals, historical/modern westerns, and some werewolves, cat shifters, and vampires.
But for the last 8 months, I haven’t read any Julia Talbot books, or really, any gay or lesbian or straight romance. (I used to read a lot.) I’ve been off watching anime. Do you ever watch anime? Oh, it would be cool if there were anime versions of your books, with all the colors, sound effects, music, and facial expressions.
Congratulations on your marriage. The announcement was a surprise, because I kinda thought you married BA years ago.