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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snippet Sunday

here's a bit from Elemental Ops 3, releasing in August from Changeling Press

A dragon.

Jesu Cristo. What the hell was he gon’ do with an orange, high falutin’, female dragon.

Jacques looked at Serena, who had color back in her scales now that she and him, they’d bonded like they was supposed to. He smiled a little. He was gonna love her. That was what he’d do. After that, well, he had no idea.

Serena looked at him, rolled her eyes. Silly human.

“Well, I didn’t know dragons existed ‘til just these last days.”

She snorted, but she was pleased, he could tell. Her tail said so, the end flicking his ear. Crazy beast.

He glanced around, realizing the other dragons, and his team, had left them alone. Shit, how much time had passed? Hours? Days? His belly rumbled like Keon’s big dragon Damien was in there.

Her head tilted. Hungry?

“I am, cher. Starving.” He could eat an alligator.

Show you. Serena led the way, making oddly musical noises. Dragon humming.



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