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Sunday, May 11, 2014

New releases!

hey y'all

Elemental Ops 2: Teamwork is out at Changeling Press. Did you know?|

Ice and Keon are working to protect their dragon charges, while Ice's elemental ops team shows up to help. Problems is, the guys keep bonding with the dragons!

Find it here!

Right now it's only available at Changeling, but they have all the formats and it's so easy to email stuff to your Kindle!

Coming this Wednesday from Torquere I have Dream Dice.

Thayer buys a set of gaming dice at comicon. He doesn't count on them being magical, or on them leading him to his very own barbarian, Erlich.

check it out on Wednesday at www.torquerepress.com. I'll put the cover up on Wednesday!



1 comment:

Katherine Halle said...

Congrats!!! And OOOH the Dice one sounds awesome :D