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Friday, May 02, 2014

Coming soon!

I have two books coming out in May. Dream Dice is out May 15 (cover is still pending approval) and it's a wee novella about a gaming geek who buys a set of magical dice at a comicon and ends up with his very own barbarian.

Then I also have Elemental Ops: Teamwork, which I think might come out a week from today O.O -- Just saw it on the coming soon. I knew it was May but didn't know it was this next week.

Here's the cover for it.

You can find it here!

Don't forget to go buy it next Friday. I'll remind you then! Teamwork is the sequel to Elemental Ops: Ice, which has elementals, dragons, and some hot lovin'. That one is here.

You can also find it on Amazon and ARE!



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