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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tim and Kenny

As an early birthday present, BA Tortuga took me to Dallas this past weekend to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney in their Brothers of the Sun tour...

Uhn, y'all.

I admit, I was there for Tim. I love Kenny Chesney. I know all his songs. Tim is the one I adore, though. He makes me silly. Makes me literally flail.

There's just something about that big redneck that does it for me.

So, I went and watched, and watched BA watch Tim, which also makes me happy. She gets all blinky and happy. *g*

I'm trying to remember if I had a point. Thinking on Tim's hotness derails me.

Oh, I got my newsletter up! You can sign up for it here! I'm giving away a 25.00 amazon gift card!

I think I need more coffee. Later, y'all





Katherine Halle said...

That's so awesome that BA did that for you and that ya'll had such a good time :DDD

Julia said...

It was so much fun we're going to do it again in LA in July!