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Sunday, June 17, 2012

dragging butt

I'm tired.

Fighting with the HOA makes me tired.


I don't like confrontation, but you know, I put hours of work in my yard. Being told it looks like a junkyard makes me peeved

There's no broken down cars. No furniture on the porch. There are 8 potted plants and 5 pieces of expensive metal yard art, y'all

In a perfect world, petty tyrants wouldn't be allowed to threaten you in your own home

In better news, I am writing and I think in my story I will spray the HOA president with the hose. Hard. Maybe a fire hose.




Theresa said...

I'm sorry they are giving you such a hard time. I think some nice Basset hugs and kiss might brighten your day.

Katherine Halle said...

UGH HOA's are a big pain in the ass. Sorry they're complaining about your yard. And yes, I would totally read about an HOA person getting hosed off and not in the fun way ;p