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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

accidents, new stories, and trying to get back on track

I keep trying to update here and I'm having a rough time

Back in mid-February BA and I were rear-ended pretty hard, our car totaled, and both of us shaken up and bruised badly. It's taken ages to get back into life. I also had a lot of business deadlines to hit, which I was late on

So! Now I am catching up. Yay! \O/

I have a new Sip out called Doggie Style

This is no reprint, y'all. This is brand new! Hooray

Ray is a designer who does small dog fashion. He's also a closeted werewolf. When his adopted sister Allie brings him a giant rescue dog, he's less than thrilled. Then again, so is the dog. Can Ray learn to embrace a more doggie style of life?

Go here and get it!


Katherine Halle said...

Glad to hear you're getting back to life. Sorry that it's taken so long and that the car accident even happened!

Your new sip looks fantastic! I know I'll be picking it up!

Julia said...

Thanks hon!