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Monday, November 26, 2007

Taste Test!

I'm featured in the new Taste Test from Torquere Press, along with my buddies BA Tortuga and Dallas Coleman. If you like your cowboys Buck Wild, you'll love this one!

Here's the official doolie!

Sometimes cowboys like to get buck wild. They get a little crazy, get a little wild hair. That's the premise behind this Taste Test featuring Dallas Coleman, Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga.

Dallas Coleman gives us Jimmy, who's settled down to become a banker, and Cory, an off again-on again lover who tempts him to be have some fun. Julia's Colby and Sean are both bullriders and ex-lovers who get up to some serious fun. BA gives us Jack and Deke, two sometime lovers who come together with a fiery passion that's impossible to ignore. Get buck wild with these boys today!


I got word that a lesbian story I wrote a good while back for an anthology with Pretty Things Press, called Lipstick on Her Collar, has a cover. We don't have a sure date, but keep an eye out here!

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