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Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Sip

I seem to be rocking the short fiction these days! I think it's my lack of attention span. There's something about being able to finish a story that's very satisfying. Anyhoo, my Sip came out last week, and I kinda got lost with the Halloween/Vegas/Bullrider thing.

It's called Splitting the Difference, and it's about country singer Dane, who goes back to his West Texas hometown for a wedding, meeting up with an old high school friend names Kent.

I adore people who have history, and this is one of those stories ;) You can find it at www.torquerebooks.com

Here's a wee snip:

"Well, well. I didn't think I'd ever see Dane Hotchkins in this town again."

The voice had the kind of deep drawl only West Texas could make, and Dane cringed at the familiarity of it, at the way it made all sorts of old memories come to life.

He turned, staring at Kent Lawrence, just shaking his head. The man hadn't changed a bit, hadn't gotten all swollen like so many of his old high school buddies had. Lean, long, and all cowboy, Kent looked fucking edible.

As always.

"Well, hey, Kent. I reckon you wouldn't have, if Becky hadn't decided to get married." No way would he miss his baby sister's wedding, even if it did mean eating his words from ten years ago. He'd burned those years right down the highway, singing at every honky-tonk and dive in Texas and Oklahoma. He'd never made it to Nashville, but Austin wasn't a bad place to call home.

Way better than BF Nowhere West Texas.

"Oh, right. I heard about that. You bring you some supermodel as a date?" Those green eyes twinkled, the lines beside them deep and new, the skin tanned to an even dark brown. Lord, that man still did it for him, not that he'd ever let Kent know.

"No. I didn't bring anything but my guitar and enough clothes to get me through the week. Gonna rent the tux, even."

"Oh, now, I thought a big shot like you would have your own."

Sighing, Dane shook his head. "You're looking for a fight, Kent, I ain't your man. I'm too damned tired and old. 'Sides, I always liked you. Don't fuck that up."

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