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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

new novella

This one is about 20,000 words, so definitely not a sip! ;)

It's a Spurs and Saddles from Torquere Press, called Sparkle and Shine. It's over at www.torquerebooks.com

Evan is a rodeo cowboy with an eight year old daughter, an ex-wife who loves to make trouble, and a best friend he wants to love on. Brooks is his best buddy, who wants to be way more than friends. Can these two cowboys get it together?

have a sample!


"What are you staring at?" Brooks snarled, flinging his jeans at his suitcase.

Heaven. That was his first thought.

"Nothing. I mean, I'm not staring. I'm sorry, Brooks." There. Ta da.

Tight shoulders relaxed. "Yeah? I… Me too, man. I just figured we were having a laugh."

"We were. I was just feeling sorry for myself." Beer. It had to be the beer making him say all these touchy feeling things.

"Yeah?" Coming right up to him, Brooks clapped him on his shoulder, fingers scarred and callused. "No need, man. You're rock solid."

Almost as hard as a rock, for sure. Wasn't beer supposed to make a man limp? Sandra had always said so. Evan barely resisted the urge to adjust himself.

"Thanks, Brooks. Really." When he felt like he wouldn't offend the man, Evan turned away, breathing hard through his nose.

"Hey, you got the quease? We could order room service."

"Oh, good idea. Something burger-like." That would give him something to do with his hands and his runaway mouth.

"Maybe chocolate cake, too, huh?" Brooks loved the frosting. Evan had seen him eat all the way around a three layer cake, just eating the sugary stuff.

"You order, huh?"

"What's gotten into you?" Brooks asked when he woulda run for the bathroom again.

"I'm horny, okay?" he kinda shouted, hands clenching. "I want to go jack off in the bathroom!"

"Oh." Blue eyes snapped right up to meet his, Brooks staring hard. "You don't gotta run off, buddy."

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