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Thursday, August 31, 2006

plugging away

deadlines deadlines

Lord have mercy.

How do you know you've really moved to Texas?

You look in your closet and see that you now own:

3 pairs of shorts, an article of clothing that I've not owned since I was in the south, 15 years ago

14 pairs of flip flops, which are still multiplying

tank tops and camis, all with little shrugs

3, count em three gimme caps


I am officially in texas...


Lb said...

I can understand about the flip flops. Living in arizona, I think all we were is tshirts, shorts and flip flops. I am glad things are settled. I have to I am glad to here about Ross.

Lb said...

I should say hear about Ross. LOL. It was a horrible day, and my mine is has not plaed catch up. Sorry. I have to say I think I realy like your books.

Julia said...

thank you! :>