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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why it's so hard to move on

So, rather than go to jail, the owner at TQ forfeited her bail and made restitution on the bounced check. At least according to the docket report. Sean Michael hasn't been informed by the court that it's real, but the judge filed the papers.

Yay. Except I heard through the grapevine that she's bounced some paypal payments. I'm still not paid for 1st qtr let alone 2nd. My wife and I have 2 recent hospital stays and a broken foot to pay off and could with the nearly 3k she says she owes us by her own statements.

It's not going to stop even if she pays me. I remember sitting and brainstorming the name Torquere with my wife. We were so proud. I can't be proud of that name anymore.

I am going to try to move away from posting about it here, and go back to being an author on my blog. Y'all are welcome to email/pm me anytime with your own stories or with questions. My comments remain moderated after someone posted an author's real name. Only someone who signed contracts with that person would know their real name, and that makes you pause, too, you know?


Thank you so to all for the support.


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