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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Court Date tomorrow for owner of Torquere LLC

Kristi Boulware has her next court date for felony check fraud tomorrow August 4.

A link to the Magnolia Banner News here shows her arrest June 8, 2016.

A temporary link in the Magnolia reporter shows her court date here. This link may disappear as it is only good until the next docket is posted. I'll post a screenshot if that happens.

It makes me sad that something that could so easily have been settled with even an attempt at payment had to come to this.

FYI, despite receiving another statement from Ms. Boulware, I have not been paid for 1st or 2nd qtr 2016. I get no answer when I email. Please don't support this publisher. This is a person who said she told her authors she was having a MRI when she was sitting in jail awaiting bail. Over and over she had proved her intent to defraud, and she had been reported to the RWA.

I'm very sad for all the Authors involved, and for the industry at large when yet another small pub behaves badly.



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