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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

caught in a trump rally protest

So. I was on my way to the main hospital last night in downtown Albuquerque. They transferred my wife, BA, by ambulance, and I had to come down in the car.

So, I thought, oh I don't want to take the Interstate when I'm so tired. I'll go the back way, which cuts across at the river and comes through by the convention center.

Had I known there was a Trump rally at the convention center I would have avoided downtown like the plague. As it is, I ignore the bad haired loony, so I had no clue. I got to Central Ave just at Lead or Coal or whatever it is and hit awful traffic, so I turned off with a bunch of other folks and tried to go a few blocks around.

Just as they diverted the protesters and folks just there to make mischief off on the street I was on.

For 25 minutes I sat in traffic as hundreds of people wearing masks and gang colors streamed past me, whacking my car and screaming obscenities. A man with a Mexican flag got up on a rooftop across the way and ran back and forth, pumping up the crowd. Maybe a hundred muscle car racers revved engines and people set off starter pistols and set shit in fire. Between the smoke, the skateboarders whizzing by, and the noise, it was impossible to move more than a few inches at a time.

I finally got a break when I was able to pull off through a bank parking lot. I thought. Then I got stuck behind a car right out of the Fast and Furious, who blocked my way and revved his engine for ten minutes.

About the time I was hoarse from screaming that my wife was in the hospital and I Just needed to get there, a middle aged Hispanic lady popped up next to my car. She tapped my window and asked me where I was going, and I rolled down to tell her I needed to go to the hospital. She jumped out in front of my car and started screaming and shoving, and damned if she didn't get me out of the mess as if she was Moses parting the red sea.

Never mess with the wrath of a Mexican mamacita, y'all. She will mess your shit up.

She was my angel, and restored my quickly dwindling faith in humanity with her kindness.

I may loathe Trump, but riots are not the way, y'all. I have been inside one now, and I promise, I would rather take on a tornado or a sandstorm. Nature is more predictable than the mob.



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Moma Sue said...

I'm just glad you got to the hospital in one piece no more riots or rallies for you!