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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love Apples

Maybe four years ago I sold a story to a publisher we all know. I wanted to make it a series, call the series Love Apples, call this story Apples for Teacher...

They loved the book, hated the title, wanted something more indicative of a menage. They gave it to an editor, and she stripped out everything of Julia. By this time I'd been in the business ten years, but I needed that contract with a big publisher so I did the edits and gritted my teeth.

I did okay. Until I stopped getting paid. Checks stopped coming, and I waited patiently until I was under the sales threshold to ask for my rights back. I waited six more months. Next month I get the book back and Love Apples is back on. I can't wait to put me into the story once more and update it, maybe make it novel length and add in all the wolfpack and small town politics I wanted in it! Then I'll self pub that mother.

They still have Lovers of Her Dreams, but I'm working on that.

One down, one to go. How bout them apples?



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