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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

life's curveballs

I had all these grand ideas about what all I was going to get accomplished this year. This was the year of the novel instead of the short or novella. The year of the USA Today bestseller and contract with Penguin or Avon a la some of the folks I know in m/m.

It may still be for all I know, but as of right now this will be the year of the diagnosis. When BA had her angioplasty last April we were so sure we could fix what ailed her with diet and exercise. Now we know it's a rare autoimmune thing. The treatment? Low dose chemo. Yeah. So she feels as though all the work she did was for nothing and I feel panicky and read to poke people with a stick for breathing hard on her.

We have to remember that we're not Wonder Woman, that we can slow down and listen to our bodies.

The rest will work itself out





Lynn Lorenz said...

Absolutely. All those dreams will still be there when she's better. Much love!

Julia said...

hugs. Thanks Lynn!