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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Random weekend round up

What I learned this week: Some days are amazing, some days are okay, and some are just not meant for me to be on the internet.

Friday was amazing. The outpouring of love and acceptance, with a few sad exceptions, thrilled me. Thanks to all the rainbow allies out there: gay, straight, and everything in between.

Thursday we went to Rodeo de Santa Fe. The arena is like a tiny Texas town might have, but the quality of contestants was like Denver or Austin. Loved it. However, I25 between Santa Fe and Albuquerque at 11pm? Daaaark.

Saturday was not my day to be on the net. Trust me, if you see something misspelled on an Ebay listing, it's appropriate to message someone and let them know. (Damn you autocorrect and British spellings of china). It is not appropriate to send a 2 page rant with lots of ALL CAPS.

What else?

July is a banner month for me. June 30 my Samhain MMF menage comes out. It's been on presale for ages (am I supposed to say that?) but it's almost out for y'all to read!. Click to go get it.

Bear Wanted, the first in a new series, The Grizzly List, is up for preorder today. MM bear and cat shifters. Find it here!

I also have a story in the Plaid Nights anthology at TQ, out July 15. My single title short will be out the same day as the anth, and it's call Some Like it Scot. The anth is available for presale here now.

Looks a little more like that Vikings show than a Scot, but I promise, my story is a fun contemporary set in Austin! There's something for every reader in this one.

Full Moon Dating: Gage and Hamish comes out July 29. As soon as I have a cover finalized and a presale, I'll holler!




Katherine Halle said...

You got that right, some days it just doesn't even pay to get out of bed /o\

WOW you have a lot of things coming out soon! Plaid Nights looks so good! That cover is AMAZING! And your Grizzly Story looks fun :D

Thanks for sharing all the news!

Julia said...

Thanks honey!