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Monday, June 09, 2014

Missed Snippet sunday

I'm a bad dog. I feel a little disjointed today, a little out of whack. Yesterday was a great day, though. Went to the UU church (my girl asked me to try, for her. Church and I are not mutually exclusive, exactly, but we're not buds) Good service. Then it was off to the garden show, then Chinese for lunch. We got some neat garden ideas. I'll be making my girl a table type bird feeder for the front yard for the quail and doves. We walked the dogs, too, which is always a gamble once it gets hot. Sonny, the boy basset, had a bad vet visit his last time out. Chunky, if you will. After walking daily for 3 weeks, he's back in fighting trim. Boom.

And now, in lieu of content, have a hot guy

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More dragons, more Elemental Ops action, more Keon and Ice

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Better day tomorrow



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