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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I'm not a joiner- or author promo for introverts

Does this surprise anyone?

When I was in high school I knew to get into the college I wanted, I had to have extra-curricular activities. So I joined the library club. No meetings, just solitary book shelving. When I was in college, I was more likely to be found at midnight with a chosen friend and a bottle of Mad Dog on a playground, talking deep shit or playing Dead Poet's Society.

Lest you think I am woe-is-meing, I love my life. I don't mind being an introvert.

Until it comes time to promote my books.

Ahhhh. Conventions rock, but they're exhausting. I see all these people blog touring and I think wow, go them. How do they have the energy? How do they meet all these people? Grins. Book promo can feel like you're walking uphill both ways to school in the snow. Wahhh.

Okay, that was a little woe-is-me. So how does an introvert learn to market? I try hard to Tweet or like or comment on at least one person I don't really know every day. I try to learn from authors I admire, authors who have this whole promo thing in the bag. I get my Gary Busey on and talk to things, some of which might be people. But mostly I try to write good books.

A good book will get other folks talking for you.



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