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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday snippet

I needed to write this for the Changeling Flash Fiction challenge. Needed to. The prompt was your roommate is a werewolf, vamp or ghost.

“Damn it, who chewed up the newspaper?” The full moon brought out the worst in Elan, who chewed, scratched, and made a mess. At least he was house-trained.

“That was Tom.” Elan grinned from where he lay naked on the couch, a study in muscle and rough hair. He looked like something off a bear board at Pinterest. He made Sean’s fangs ache. “Got frustrated with only being able to watch these days.”

“Very funny.” Tom appeared through the wall, making them both start. “I’m figuring out this manifesting thing. The paper was an experiment. Though watching has always been my thing.”

“Yes, well, it’s not as if I can go get another while it’s sunny. Whatever will I do to pass the time? I hate to be bored.”

Both ghost and werewolf advanced on him. “We can think of something,” Elan said.

Sean grinned. Oh, he certainly hoped so.

M, the publisher at CP, now says I have to write her the whole story




Katherine Halle said...

OH YES you do have to write the whole story!!! have you seen either the American or the British show Being Human? About a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf that live together? I've seen the first two seasons of the British show & quite liked it. Haven't seen any of the American one. (it was two guys & a girl and they weren't involved with each other, at least when I watched it LOL)

Julia said...

I think that's where the prompt came from on the CP list, hon, but no, I haven't watched it yet :D