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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Julia Talbot: Third Time's the Charm

Demon hunters? Why yes, I think so. Here's an excerpt from Third Time's The Charm, out from Changeling Press in a week or so.

“Fuck off. Let me go!” Skye started to struggle in earnest, his body moving without his permission. At some point, his legs popped free, the sheet giving there first. Of course, that meant Laurent slid right between his thighs, hips pressing to his. “Get off me…”

Laurent’s eyes went wide, and for maybe thirty seconds Skye felt Laurent’s body taking an interest, that long cock hardening. Then the man rolled off him, sitting on the edge of the bed, back to him.


Okay, wow.

Really? Laurent sporting wood now? Totally not appropriate.

Funny. Kinda charming. Not appropriate.

He got the sheets off and sat up, stretching. The rage was gone, so he guessed Laurent had distracted him.

“You feeling more like you can cope?” Laurent asked, still not facing him.

“Yeah. You got a problem with gay guys?"

“No. Why would you think that?” Laurent turned, staring at him like he was an idiot.

“Well, you got all pissy when you sprung a stiffy.”

“Right. I got pissy. I’m the queer one, man. I figured you’d get offended, try to kick my ass.”

“The queer one. There’s like a dozen of us on the hunting rotation, and another handful that just like to fuck.”

Laurent blinked at him like an owl, mouth opening and closing for a moment. “A dozen? So, what, am I gross? Repulsive? No one has ever offered to fuck with me.”

“Really? Maybe you give off straight vibes.” How the hell did he know? “Also, you’re new.”

“New, what? I’ve been in the field for years.”

Seriously? Was the guy pouting about the lack of penis he was getting from his subordinates? “I haven’t met you before.”

“Well, now you have.” Laurent stood. “Pack your go bag. Now that you’ve calmed down, we’re going on a training retreat.”

“We are? Where? Can’t I just go back to work?” A retreat? Was that code for murder him in his sleep?

“No, you can’t. They told me I need to make sure you’re not a ticking bomb. And we’ll go to the cabins north of the compound.”

“What the fuck does anyone care if I blow? I kill the demons. If I explode, I take more out.”

Whirling, Laurent got right in his face. “Every one we lose is one I have to replace. Hunters are hard to come by and take years to train. Suck it up.”

check it out here!

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Katherine Halle said...

OH this sounds interesting!! (BTW our new dog's name is Skye LOL)