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Friday, October 18, 2013

Channeling my mom

So, a few days ago I made my mom's world famous spaghetti sauce.

Hey, no one has ever disliked it, so that makes it famous, right?

I imagine my recipe bears little resemblance to Mom's these days, since I use organic tomato sauce and fresh not canned mushrooms, along with real garlic, etc etc. She was a child of the 50s, all canned stuff. But I use the bay and the sage and the red pepper, and the taste is pretty much the same.

What made me laugh this time was how it all went down. The meat wasn't thawed all the way when I tossed it in the pan. I had to turn it and scrape the browning meat off every few moments. I don't think my mom ever managed to thaw meat all the way when I was a kid, so I spent a lot of time scraping pans. And then I used mom's big saucepan to cook noodles. My partner BA doesn't like spaghetti shaped noodles, so there was no sense heating up the huge pasta pot. So I put the spaghetti in, then had to wait for the bottom half of the noodles to soften so I could bend the other half in.

Just like mom.

Somewhere I bet she was laughing.




Moma Sue said...

I'm sure she was smiling and what a nice way to remember you mom. Hugs

Katherine Halle said...

OH yummy!! I love homemade spaghetti sauce. I do the same thing - although I cheat sometimes and used jarred sauce that I doctor up quite a bit lOL. I'm sure your Mom was smiling at you!!!