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Thursday, May 09, 2013

RT 2013

So, we made it to RT 2013 in Kansas City. We being me and my girl, BA Tortuga.

Kansas City is surprisingly nice. We didn't get out of the hotel much, but I enjoyed the people and the BBQ greatly.

We got to see everyone. I mean it. All the people. If I try to mention all by name I will no doubt miss someone, but I want to thank everyone who stopped to chat, hug, eat, and sign and receive books.

A huge thank you to Tara Lain from Ellora's Cave for arranging the EC party on Wednesday night. We had a blast.

A big thank you to ARE for the Thursday expo

Thanks to Cheryl Dragon for clue-ing us in to the Signing at the Plaza Saturday afternoon

The best part, though? The fangirling I got to do Saturday at the Giant Book fair. I deliberately didn't sign so I could go. I got to see Jude Devereaux and Maya Banks, Janelle Taylor and Sylvia Day. I got to jump and squee at my friends' table, making lots of other people look and wonder who they were. Sadly, Karen Robards was a no show, as I really wanted to thank her for the hours of pleasure she's given me as a reader, but all in all, it was a blast.

Next year is in NOLA, and I can't wait. Y'all should come with.



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Katherine Halle said...

OH next year is in NOLA??? hmmmm..one of my FAV cities...*ponders this*

Sounds like you had a blast.


So thrilled you had fun!