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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

random Christmas post: Tank and Ross

Thatcher brother anyone?

Here we go

"Ross? Did you see the dog sitting on the porch?"

Ross poked his head out of the shower, knowing Tank would eventually holler at him for dripping on the floor, but Tank sounded concerned enough that he would worry on it later.

"It's not Pancake?"

"Nope. Not Rosie, either."

"Well, that's weird. Let me rinse off."

He didn't bother to put clothes on. It was unseasonably warm, even for Texas. Ross just toweled off and headed to the porch, where a huge pitbull lay panting, her pregnant belly sticking out to there. She was in tough shape, but still healthy enough to support the pups inside her.

Ross grinned at Tank. "Did you say you wanted puppies for Christmas?"

Tank pursed his lips, looking like he was fighting a smile. "Nope. I asked Santa for a new bottler. This is just stocking stuffers."

Ross laughed, bending to scratch the sweet girl's ears as her tail thumped. He hoped Tank would take him up on the offer his ass was making. "We'd better get more stockings. She's gonna have a few."

"Mmmhmm." Tank patted Ross' butt. "I'll get her settled. You go get the lube, buddy."

Bingo. "Merry fucking Christmas to me."

Tank and Ross can be found in the Thatchers book Taking the Leap.


BA Tortuga said...

Eee! :D

Katherine Halle said...

Awww doggie :DDDDD Hope she and the pups are okay :D