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Sunday, December 09, 2012

another random holiday thingee

"What's going on?" Jacob asked, hands held firmly by his twins, Damien and Gianni. The blindfold made it necessary for them to lead him.

We got you something." They said it together, their voices blending seamlessly.

"Oh, now I'm worried." Jacob was only half joking. The twins tended toward extravagance at Christmas. Hell, the whole Rossi-Miggliozzi clan tended that way, and seven years in Italy with them hadn't made Jacob any less awed by their huge generosity.

"Pssh. You'll like it."

Well, he certainly hoped so, but Jacob was polite enough to lie. The palazzo was plenty big enough to simply lose whatever it was they got him until Marco could put it in the charity auction.

Generally, though, Jacob didn't have to lie. Damien and Gianni had amazing taste.

They stopped, and he rocked back and forth a little, his balance affected by the blindfold. He reached out when they let go, and both his men grabbed him once more, supporting him.

"So? Can I look?"

"Si!" Damien laughed against his ear. "I will help."

Damien took his blindfold off, and Jacob blinked at the enormous gilded frame that held a relatively well-known Renaissance master painting. Last Jacob knew, it had been in a private collection in Pisa. "This is real?"

"Mmm. He approached Alessio, who asked if we wanted it for your collection."

He stared, his mouth hanging open. He knew they thought nothing of adding to one of the largest art collections in the world, but to Jacob, this was like the holy Grail. He stared at the dainty, bare feet of the blue-robed Madonna.

"Thank you." It was weak at best, but heartfelt.

"You like it?" They looked so pleased.

"Of course I do." He hugged Damien, then Gianni. "You're amazing."

Damien chuckled. "No, we just like how accommodating you are after we give you a good present."

Jacob snorted. "You don't have to give me things to get that."

"No? Well, it's Christmas time." Gianni kissed the corner of his mouth.

Laughing, Jacob let them wrap around him. "I love you both."

They grinned back at him, speaking as one. "Oh, good."


kaytee said...

So sweet - I have missed Jacob and his twins.

Katherine Halle said...

Aww this was really sweet :D

Julia said...

thanks y'all :D