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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

weapon of choice

For the last few months I've been embroiled in writing a series called Keeping Score for Changeling Press

The first book, One Up came out in August, and it's about Rhys and Noah, two demon hunters who know hooking up is a bad idea...

It's interesting to me that without any conscious thought, the guys chose bladed weapons as their weapons of choice. In book two, Two Down, which will be out in November, Janus and his lover Cillian also chose blades.

Most of the hunters in this universe carry machete type blades, like the one below.

(any idea how tough it is to find a good machete pic in royalty free pictures?)

It's short enough to handle in close quarters, sturdy enough to hack of limbs or underbrush, and concealable.

Some carry that and a sword, too, which is harder to hide, and means they have to wear long coats, which can be tricky in say, New Orleans. Or Florida. Still, these are guys wearing leather pants, right?

In hunting a sword pic for y'all, I cam across this

Now I know the direction I'm taking book three in, and I got started this am!

I do love the idea of a hunter in a suit...

Later, y'all!




Katherine Halle said...

Huh, how did I miss this?? The book I mean. I'm all about the demon hunters and the supernatural.

Weapon choice is very interesting and I like the pictures you were able to find. Especially the one in the suit.

Hmm, for swords, I have to admit, I like the way Anita Blake carries hers - in a custom made down the spine holder.

Julia said...

LOL. yeah. pretty man ;)